Murano glass jewelry

Colorful and elegant: jewelry made of Murano glass

Glass jewelery has its very own charm, because the colorful glass looks playful, noble and high-quality at the same time. The transparency of the glass allows the jewelery to shimmer in different ways, depending on the light conditions and incidence, giving it something mysterious.

Murano glass – one of the best known and most expensive glass brands in the world

A very special and very high-quality glass jewelry is jewelry made of Murano glass. Murano is a group of islands northeast of Venice and has made a name for itself in glass production over the past few centuries. The region around Venice can actually be seen as the cradle of Central European glass production.

What is special about jewelry made of Murano glass are the strong and many colors of glass, the inclusion of millefiori, the small glass and enamel flowers in the jewelry, as well as the use of gold and silver in the glass creations.

The pieces of jewelery are solid and handcrafted with great craftsmanship. In addition to colorful glass pendants for necklaces, earrings and bracelets, there are particularly beautiful Murano glass beads that are characterized by different patterns and colors.

Murano glass beads in numerous designs

The exclusive jewelry brand Pandora in particular has many Murano glass beads in its range. You can thread these either individually or in groups onto a chain or bracelet and thus put together your own glass jewellery. This creates jewelry compositions that are definitely unique.

Murano glass jewelry is not a cheap pleasure, but it is a long-lasting one if you don’t treat the jewelry roughly and throw it in the corner.

Smaller Murano glass beads cost a good 30 usd and if you want to put together a necklace with 20 to 30 beads, you will end up with several hundred euros.

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