Jewelry Color Type Advice – Part 3: The Summer Type

Cool powder colors such as lilac, light blue, wool white, silver grey, muted lilac, aquamarine blue, dark blue, mint and blue-green are particularly suitable for the summer type, i.e. in summary all pastel colors, light to dark blue tones, gray in various shades, but also a warm red.

Colors that make the summer type appear pale are yellowish colors, hard colors such as black and white, bright colors, strong color contrasts, olive and orange.

Which jewelery suits the summer type best?

The summer type is best flattered by silver, white gold and platinum jewelry or jewelry. Stainless steel. What seems too cold for the spring type benefits the light, pale, slightly bluish complexion of the summer type.

On the other hand, the summer type should avoid warm, strong jewelry colors such as yellow gold, brass or bronze jewelry, because this yellow-tinged jewelry only makes the complexion appear sallow.

Of the precious stones, opal, moonstone, diamonds and zirconia as well as pearls in delicate pastel and gray tones such as blue-grey, rose or gray harmonize very well.

And, of course, fashion jewelery in silver tones and light colors also suits the summer type.

The jewelry should not appear too coarse and heavy and should not be used excessively, as this will lose the delicate effect of the summer type. Just like the spring type, the summer type should only wear jewelery in moderation, i.e. not put on earrings, rings, necklaces and bracelets at the same time.

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