Jewelry Color Type Advice – Part 4: The Fall Type

All the warm colors that one encounters in nature during the autumn season, especially in a deciduous forest, the leaves of which change color in bright colors, go well with the autumn type. This includes all colors with a gold or copper tinge such as golden brown, olive, cream, corn yellow, khaki, rust red, fir green and colors that have a high yellow content.

Colors that make the autumn type pale and inconspicuous are hard and cold shades such as black, white, silver, pink and lemon yellow.

Which jewelery suits the autumn type best?

Warm, glowing metals such as yellow gold, red gold, copper or brass suit the autumn type best, so here, too, yellow and red-tinged materials harmonize. Cool metals such as silver, platinum and stainless steel, on the other hand, make the warm autumn type appear pale.

From the wide range of gemstones, the autumn type should opt for garnet, ruby, emerald, amber or cream-colored pearls. What also looks good on him is jewelery made from natural materials such as wood, raffia and leather. The natural or ethno jewelry can also be designed a little more massive and coarse.

In contrast to the spring and summer type, the autumn type can be a little more lavish when it comes to wearing jewelry. Wearing earrings, necklaces and bracelets at the same time works better than too much on the darker hair and skin type.

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