Jewelry Color Type Advice – Part 5: The Winter Type

Clear, high-contrast and intense colors, including black and white, go particularly well with the winter type.

The winter type is the only color type that suits these hard non-colors very well; all other color types look colorless and pale with white and black.

The color palette of the winter type ranges from pure white, red (with a blue tinge), dark grey, bottle green, bright neon yellow and pink to strong purple, royal blue and emerald green to black.

All warm colors such as olive, brass, rust red or beige are not suitable for the winter type, nor are delicate pastel tones such as mint, pink or light blue.

Which jewelery suits the winter type best?

Cold, light-colored jewelry metals such as silver, stainless steel, white gold and platinum go best with the winter type with dark hair and a light or brownish complexion. When it comes to gemstones, the winter type should mainly look for clear pure stone colors such as emerald or onyx, or look for light-colored stones such as pearls and diamonds (and those who cannot afford diamonds) or cubic zirconia.

The winter type is particularly well suited to clear, puristic jewelery designs without any frills or playful details.

When it comes to costume jewellery, too, all the colors that come into question for suitable winter clothing should be taken into account.

Ethno jewelry made of natural materials such as leather or wood are not suitable for the winter type.

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