Ecological jewelry - a trend with a future

Ecological jewelry – a trend with a future

“Environmental protection is everyone’s business!” This sentence may still be present in our heads, but it often stops after the waste has been separated. Environmental protection encompasses much more.

The careful handling of resources, as well as the extraction and processing of these, should also have the highest priority in the future.

all that glitters is not gold

In recent years, there have been a number of abnormalities, especially in the jewelry sector. In times of economic crisis, gold increased significantly in value. However, the splendor also has its downsides. The extraction is not only environmentally friendly, but can also be harmful to health. To break up and decompose the rock, it sits in a cyanide-mercury solution for days.

This solution releases other heavy metals such as arsenic, lead and cadmium, which are highly toxic to nature. It is not uncommon for accidents to occur when mining gold. The consequences for people and nature are devastating. Ecologically mined gold, on the other hand, is extracted without chemical substances.

Recycled gold is particularly environmentally friendly. The Rheingold is recommended for those who value high quality. This is mainly mined in German rivers. Even today it is considered the rarest gold on earth. Its rich yellow color is due to the high level of purity.

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Jewelry from nature

Natural jewelry offers an alternative to jewelry made of precious metals. It is made from materials found in nature. These include amber, stones, wood or similar raw materials. Whether bracelet, necklace or pendant, the selection and variety of colors is almost limitless.

In addition, each piece is unique and mostly made by hand. The jewelery made from seeds from the Amazon region is beautiful. These are collected, dried, processed and polished. This jewelry is not only ecological, but also makes a valuable contribution to improving living conditions in the Amazon region and to the reforestation of the rainforest.

When buying gemstones, you should definitely pay attention to a certificate. Almost a fifth of all gemstones come from the black market. These stones are processed under the worst conditions and then sold. With gemstones from fair production, not only the purity, but also the working conditions are respected.

Conclusion: Definitely try it! Ecological jewelry makes an important contribution to environmental protection. The question of origin and processing sensitizes jewelry retailers and shows a clear interest in sustainable products.

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