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Jewelery made from unusual materials: Jewelery made from rubber

Jewelry made of common precious metals such as gold , silver or stainless steel is one of the classics. But in the meantime, jewelry made of unusual materials, whether everyday objects such as can closures or bicycle chains, natural elements (e.g. leaves and flowers cast in resin), tungsten (chemical element tungsten), breast milk or rubber, is making a name for itself.

Especially jewelry made of natural rubber feels very comfortable and soft. In most cases, rubber is obtained in Southeast Asia from natural latex, the milky sap of the rubber tree from Brazil. But Brazil itself also cultivates rubber .

The rubber itself is very easy to process into jewelry that feels light and, being a natural product, is recyclable.

Varied jewelry design with rubber

There is jewelry that is made entirely of rubber, except that metal is used in the clasps of the ear studs, such as rubber. B. on . Since rubber jewelry is mostly black, a rubber necklace and rubber bracelets look best on bare skin, as the black latex contrasts very well with the skin, as if the “underground” is a colorful piece of clothing.

But rubber is also combined with other materials or metals as jewelry: The combination of rubber and stainless steel looks very clean and modern, as a necklace with a gold pendant or a precious stone, the whole thing looks more playful and feminine.

The price of rubber jewelry also depends on the material used. Pure jewelry made of natural latex will range from around 10 euros for rings to around 50 to 80 euros for larger necklaces. If precious stones or precious metals come into play, the price will rise significantly.

Rubber jewelry also needs care

To ensure that jewelry made of natural rubber stays beautiful and supple for a long time, you should implement the following tips:

  • To extend the durability of the jewellery, it is advisable to rub the latex with some hair oil once a month. A very small amount, like a drop, is enough for this. This restores moisture to the rubber.
  • The jewelry should not be bent violently, otherwise the latex can break.
  • Rings and bracelets bend with wear. It is therefore advisable to take off the jewelry for a day or more so that it can contract again.
  • Rubber jewelry should not be exposed to strong sunlight for hours.
  • It should not come into contact with harsh substances such as chlorine or solvents.
  • It is easy to clean with water and a mild detergent such as soap.

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