Classic wedding rings for the wedding

Which precious metal suits you best? Classic wedding rings for the wedding

In addition to organizing their wedding, buying the festive attire for the big day and much more, wedding couples also have to decide which wedding rings they want to get. (By the way, you can find a handy wedding checklist for organizing your celebration on GoFeminin .)

The selection of wedding rings is large, so there are unusual and striking models, simple and classic designs.

In general, most couples choose simply designed and high-quality partner rings that are not too conspicuous on the finger. Which metal and which metal color you ultimately choose for this jewelry is purely a question of taste and price.

Classic wedding rings usually consist of the following precious metals:

Yellow gold wedding rings

The wedding ring classic is certainly made of yellow gold. The price depends on the amount of gold (333, 585 or 750). If you buy rings made of yellow gold, you should look for an alloy that is as resistant as possible and that is also very scratch-resistant. This means that there are hardly any unwanted indentations or abrasions on the ring.

White gold wedding rings

Although they look almost like silver rings, the high price shows that they are made of white gold, especially if the alloy is made up of silver, gold and palladium.

There are also inferior white gold alloys, but you should not opt ​​for such alloys for jewelry that you wear permanently – like a wedding ring.

Wedding rings in rose gold

The rosé ring has a light pink shimmer that comes from the addition of copper. The alloy often also contains silver or palladium.

The higher the gold content in rose gold, the lower the copper content. In a 750 gold proportion mixture and 16 percent copper, the rose tone is less pronounced than in a 333 gold proportion alloy with 45 percent copper.

Silver wedding rings

These rings are more affordable than yellow gold rings. A wedding ring made of silver looks very classy, ​​especially brushed matt with engravings and gemstone decorations.

Wedding rings bicolor

Wedding rings in two different metal colors, called bicolor, look a little more unusual. Noble combinations are bicolor wedding rings made of white and yellow gold or white and red gold.

Platinum wedding rings

The rare and very expensive precious metal is also very popular for making wedding rings. Platinum has a metallic gray shimmer and is very resistant to corrosion, ie very stable.

Wedding rings made of platinum are the most expensive in this performance of classic wedding rings and usually cost several thousand euros.

This is the best way to choose your wedding rings

Since the range of wedding rings is so large today, choosing the right wedding ring will certainly not be easy. In order for you as a couple to find the right wedding ring, you should heed the following tips:

  • Seek professional advice, because only an expert knows the pros and cons of a jewelry metal.
  • The ring should suit you. If you like white gold, you shouldn’t necessarily switch to gold rings. Also think about what jewelry you mainly wear and whether the wedding ring harmonizes with it. The same applies to the design: if your jewelry is rather clear and reduced, the wedding ring should also have this style.
  • Take a well-fitting ring with you to the jeweler so they can easily determine the correct ring size . He can probably also recognize your wearing habits from certain signs of wear and recommend you a certain metal.
  • Once you have decided on a model, you should wear it on the selected finger for about 10 to 15 minutes to find out whether it does not pinch at some point and somewhere. You can’t tell after just a few seconds.

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