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Pearls – What does this jewelry mean?

Women all over the world have always been passionate about pearls. After all, the small pieces of jewelery are elegant, fine and luxurious. However, there are also many legends surrounding this natural jewel.

The origin of pearls is often associated with superstitious tales and magical tales. The pearls are also said to give their wearers almost extraterrestrial powers.

The following article shows which stories are still associated with the popular pearl jewelry today.

Between nature and myth: the origin of pearls

The origin of pearls is covered in numerous myths. Although the exact ideas differ in detail, the origin of the magic pearls is always connected with the power of God.

For example, an Arabic legend says that dewdrops reached the bottom of the sea and were drunk from oysters on a full moon night.

Whether in the western world or in the Orient – such stories have fascinated people since ancient times.

With these divine myths surrounding the origin of pearls , it is hardly surprising that extraordinary properties are attributed to them.

In the past, people often went in search of pearls in order to be able to carry them with them as good luck charms. Unfortunately, because of this, pearls have been ripped from their natural environments in abundance.

Both women and men adorned their bodies with the precious pearls in the early days, because they were sure that they would give them special powers through the jewelry.

For example, friendships should be strengthened by wearing pearls or one’s own anger should be calmed. In addition, the pearls were considered the symbol of the purest love.

Pearls as a symbol of tears

Many stories also tell that pearls can help shape fate negatively or positively. It always depends on the occasion for which the pearls are given away.

Some folk beliefs held that pearls in the form of earrings or necklaces should not be presented as gifts.

In the Middle Ages, Western cultures believed that pearls were the tears of rebellious angels. From this belief developed the notion that the pearls meant tears – that would bring bad luck.

In the Orient, too, pearls were associated with tears, since pearl fishermen often did not return from their quests and brought so many tears to the women left behind.

Even today, because of these ancient tearful legends, some people refrain from gifting brides with pearls, which may symbolize tears in marriage. Hardly any type of jewelry goes better with a traditional wedding dress than the precious pearls.

To avoid the evil fate of tears, brides can pay for the pearls they are given. The payment is of course only symbolic – a small amount of change is enough.

Modern pearl jewelry

Regardless of whether these old stories are believed or not, pearls are still extremely popular today.

The small pieces of jewelry are particularly popular for formal occasions, as they always look high-quality and elegant. Modern pieces of jewelry often combine pearls with other stones and precious metals to create an extraordinary look.

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