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Gold creoles: The timelessly beautiful jewelry for the ears

Summer is just around the corner and with it comes the time when long hair is pinned up or tied in a ponytail. This draws more attention to the neck and ears.

They should therefore not remain undecorated. Gold hoops by Corazul are inexpensive and pretty earrings that also impress with their countless design options. Thanks to its good workmanship and 18-carat real gold plating, it is of very high quality and therefore goes just as well with a summer outfit as it does with a party outfit.

Where does the term Creole in earrings come from?

The most likely derivation is the Spanish “Criollo”. This was how the Spanish-born immigrants in the Spanish colonies in Latin America were called. A middle class developed from them, whose representatives often worked in decisive positions in the church and the regional administration.

Through these positions, they had a higher income than the average population in the colonies. This means that the term “Creole” suggests a meaning as a status symbol for people with above-average extensive possessions for earrings in this category.

Another fact points to the high value of the golden earrings. Sailors used to wear a real gold hoop earring engraved with their initials. It was a guarantee that they would receive a Christian burial from the church, under whose jurisdiction they were washed ashore after a “wet death.”

Why are creole earrings so popular?

The typical design of the hoop earrings is the torus. For example lifebuoys on ships have such a shape. The 1990s were the first heyday for hoop earrings with immense diameters. At that time, they perfected the outfit, which included platform shoes that were as high as possible.

The popularity of hoop earrings was driven by one fact from the start. A special form of closure was developed for them, which is generally considered to be very secure. The ends of the locking straps insert into sockets on the opposite end of the earring. This results in a decisive advantage, because these closures do not have any elements that pinch when lying down.

This means that hoops can be left in your ears at night because they don’t disturb your sleep in any way. They also have a safeguard against tearing through earlobes. The closure brackets are designed in such a way that they open in the event of a dangerously heavy load and slip out of the ear hole without injury.

In the meantime, there are also numerous creole models that were designed as ear studs. And when it comes to ear piercing , creoles – albeit in a very delicate design – also play an important role.

Hoop earrings have a special status among ear jewellery

The creoles are the only variant of ear jewelery that is considered an earring according to the narrower definition. They count as classics among the pieces of jewellery.

The history goes back to the 7th millennium before the beginning of the Christian era. This is evidenced by the discovery of jade earrings from this period in Mongolia. In Europe, earrings were still a symbol of belonging to the nobility up until the 18th century.

At the end of the 20th century, wearing several hoop earrings on one ear became more and more established. The starting point of this tradition was Costa Rica. The trend for men to wear earrings as well arose in France in the late 18th century in connection with the sans-culotte fashion. The men’s hoop earrings worn back then were a statement for revolutionaries.

Hoop earrings are a must-have for every woman

At this point, the universal combinability of the golden earrings is particularly important. In addition to many simple and beautiful models, there are now also numerous designs that immediately catch the eye.

They range from striped patterns to fine chasing and floral motifs. Two-tone variants and models with different material combinations can also be found more and more often in jewelry shops.

A visual highlight for every outfit can be found, for example, in creoles with pendants. The selection in this subcategory seems to know almost no limits. The geometry with the cross-section of a lifebuoy is not an absolute must. A look at the offers in jewelery shops shows that flat cross-sections have also found their way into creoles.

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