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Jewelry for women, men and children – popular accessories

Jewelry has always completed every woman’s styling. Whether small pendants or noble pearl necklaces, every lady will find her suitable part.

In the meantime, the fashion-conscious man also likes to wear various pieces of jewelry, which can be bought both offline and in a jewelry online shop . These are usually more rustic, but not necessarily inferior.

Children’s jewelry is more for fun. It must be colorful and must not pose any risk of injury.

Women have a huge selection of jewelry

Whether fashion jewelery or high-quality parts from a jeweller: there are no limits to creativity. In terms of earrings, small pearl studs or golden hoops are very popular.

If the décolleté is styled conservatively, large, colored earrings are also a real eye-catcher. Another trend are earrings, the ear studs of which are part of the ear jewelery and are visible. These are mostly pearls.

After years of wearing large statement necklaces, young women are increasingly turning to so-called chokers, a nod to the 90s.

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These are tight-fitting chains that accentuate the neck. On the one hand, tattoo chains are suitable for this. This summer, on the other hand, women are increasingly wearing colorful chokers made of small glass beads.

Something extraordinary would be e.g. B. Breast milk jewelry .

Also absolutely modern are narrow, golden knuckle rings. These are rings that women wear on their knuckles. Several of these are often placed on one hand.

Modern accessories for men

Men are in no way inferior to women these days when it comes to jewelry. You also have a wide choice. Simple accessories are, for example, link chains, which are very modern.

From time to time they flash out of the collar. If you like it more conspicuous, you can wear chains of different thicknesses at the same time.

Watches are a classic that men have always liked to choose. Metal straps and simple watch faces are timeless. For a long time, the trend was towards extremely large chronographs.

Wide leather straps emphasize strong wrists. In the meantime, more classic watches or the retro style are back in fashion. In addition to jewelry, watches are also collectibles that can even replace investments.

What often catches the eye in fashion magazines is the return of the signet rings. They come in gold or silver finishes, with or without a stone. In addition, leather jewelry is considered extremely masculine. Bracelets made of leather, which are wound around the wrist several times, suit every man.

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Of course, different types of earrings for men are also available. A few years ago, studs with diamonds or diamond-like stones were all the rage. Today, the trend is towards small hoop earrings , as is the case with women . Men usually only have their ears pierced on one side.

Children love colour

The most important factor in children’s jewelry is safety. That means chains and bracelets must be made flexible and without sharp objects.

In addition, the children should be at least three years old to avoid swallowing the jewelry.

In general, children like colors. This also applies to jewelry. Colorful pearl necklaces and bracelets are always a hit. Small animal figures or rhinestones are also popular. When children are old enough for earrings, they often enjoy cute animal or heart studs.

The world of jewelry is huge. From design to price, anything is possible. Gender boundaries are also blurring in the 21st century. Beautiful is what pleases. This applies to adults as well as children.

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