Buying jewelry: how does it work?

There are many reasons why someone would want to sell their jewelry. You may have been given jewelery that you don’t like at all, or you simply need money quickly.

Buying jewelry works quickly and easily, either directly in a specialist shop or online at  Purchase through shipping. Not only is the material value of the jewelry precisely determined by certified appraisers, but the value of the workmanship is also taken into account.

Specialist companies are very familiar with the used jewelery trade and so a new owner can be happy about the piece of jewelery sold.


How does buying jewelry work?

If you want to sell your jewelery directly in a specialist shop, the first thing to do is evaluate the pieces of jewellery. The current price of gold and precious metals is always taken into account.

Especially old jewelry from estates does not always look as valuable at first glance as it turns out after an evaluation. After the evaluation, the customer receives an offer and the subsequent purchase takes place.

In this case, the customer is paid out immediately. Another option is to sell your jewelry online. With some providers you can provide information about the jewelry such as fineness or weight and a guideline value is determined online.

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Before the jewelery is sent in, an accompanying letter with the most important data about the jewelery must be filled out and enclosed with the valuables. The jewelery will then be sent using the desired shipping method.

Upon receipt of the jewelry, it will be checked and an offer will be made to the seller. If the seller accepts the offer, the sales price is transferred.

What jewelry do you buy?

All kinds of jewelery are purchased, provided they are real jewelery or branded jewellery. Old gold can also be sold or its value appraised.

  • Genuine jewelery such as silver jewellery , gold jewellery, white gold jewellery, platinum jewelery with and without hallmarks
  • Brand jewelery such as Cartier, Christ, Rolex or other well-known manufacturers
  • Jewelery with gemstones like amber, ruby, emerald, sapphire and all other real gemstones
  • all cut types are purchased. These include brilliant, baguette, trapeze, square, etc.

Pricing of jewelry

If you sell your jewelry directly in a specialist shop, you can exactly understand the process of determining the price. The jewelers endeavor to explain the material value of the piece of jewelry to the customer in detail.

The current courses of the precious metal and the precious stones play a role. A good example is gold: gold jewelry is not usually pure gold. Other metals such as silver are also added, this is called gold alloy.

Gold stamped 333 (8 karat) has a fine gold content of 33.3 percent, gold stamped 585 (14 karat) has a fine gold content of 58.5 percent and gold stamped 750 (18 karat) has a fine gold content of 75 percent .

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The purchase price is calculated per gram of fine gold. With a 750 alloy, the piece of jewelery contains 750/1000 parts of pure gold.

Depending on how high the purchase price is per gram of fine gold, this time 750/1000 parts are taken.

Gemstone jewelry is also valued individually. If desired, the jeweler can take a look at the current prices. So you can be sure to get the right purchase price.

Refurbishment of used jewelry

Before the purchased jewelery is sold again, master goldsmiths rework and repair the pieces. Second-hand jewelery is very popular, as it is often a one-off.

The special appeal for new owners of the old jewelry is that it is still real handwork. A second-hand piece of jewelery differs from the modern mass-produced goods that are offered everywhere. Metals such as gold, silver and platinum retain their value, which also encourages lovers of used jewelry to buy.

After the revision, used jewelry is no longer recognizable as this. Even an antique piece of jewelery can look like new again. If you sell your old jewelry, you can even breathe new life into it and someone else will find their new favorite piece of jewelry.

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