Tsavorite – Brilliant green gemstone from East Africa

When it comes to green gems, most people think of emerald, but many pieces of jewelry now use green tsavorite instead of emerald.

The mineral tsavorite belongs to the garnet family and was only discovered in Tanzania in the late 1960s by the Scottish geologist Campbell R. Bridges. Another name of the stone is green grossular.

The tsavorite can occur in different shades of green: the color spectrum ranges from delicate light green to intense blue-green to dark forest green. Medium color gradations are among the most popular and indicate high quality.

The largest localities of the beautiful green stone are in Kenya.

Compared to the emerald, the tsavorite has a number of advantages: It has a higher purity and can reflect light very well, which gives the stone an impressive brilliance and a wonderful shine. And it’s usually cheaper than an emerald.

The stone is one of the more expensive shells. Even small individual stones cost well over 100 euros, and if several tsavorites are worked into the piece of jewelry, this is also reflected in the price, which is then several hundred euros.

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Tiffany gave the name for the green stone

The famous New York jewelry house, Tiffany , gave the green stone its name, tsavorite, by naming it for its occurrence in Kenya’s Tsavo National Park.

Large tsavorite stones of more than five carats are rarely found, so even tsavorites of two carats are very valuable. But even in very small stone shapes, the tsavorite impresses with its luminosity and attracts attention.

It comes alone on a piece of jewelery as well as in combination with other stones, such as e.g. B. with diamonds and different colored sapphires very well and is usually set in yellow gold or silver.

This is also shown by the new jewelery line GUIA from Christ , in which tsavorite is staged next to diamonds and other colored stones in filigree 585 white or yellow gold jewellery.

The delicate jewelry collection can be combined and layered in many ways: necklaces with and without stone decorations can be put together at once, as well as bracelets and rings, a jewelry trend that has been popular again in the past two years and is still up to date.

It is important with the chain layer look that the chains have different lengths so that they come into their own and do not get tangled up in one another.

Ideal gemstone for the autumn type

Those who love green gems will also admire the tsavorite. Especially for the autumn type , tsavorite jewelery in combination with gold is a suitable piece of jewelery that underlines the warm radiance of this seasonal type.

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