Make a statement with these jewelry trends

Decorating ourselves has been part of our nature since the earliest days of human history. Carved wood, shiny stones and shells of the past are now gold, silver or rhinestones.

As a study of people’s needs for jewelry display,  we associate jewelry with appeal and prestige  . It tells a lot about the personality of its wearer. If you like eye-catching rings, necklaces and earrings, look no further than the statement jewelry trend.


Massive link chains accompany us through every season

Whether on bare skin or over a cozy winter sweater – a beautiful necklace draws attention to itself. Wide and solidly worked link chains immediately catch the eye and give a summer or winter look the finishing touch.

The wider the individual chain links, the more daring the jewelry can look. If you want to make a real statement with your necklace, you can wear several models of different lengths in a layered look . A long chain with a striking pendant also looks very stylish in combination with a link chain.

Various chain combinations in gold or silver go well with a smart evening outfit, a colorful beach dress or a business suit. If you want to follow the link chain trend in the office, fine versions are recommended instead of large and wide chains.

These look more subtle and therefore even more elegant. On the other hand, if the necklaces are part of the summer outfit, they can have a slight boho touch. How about a mix of metals or an additional chain of colorful semi-precious stones? Lapis lazuli, turquoise or amethyst – maritime nuances make the beach look perfect.

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Big rings put our hands in the limelight ©  pony_up CCO Public Domain
Wide ring bands or large stones – finger rings in XL format are strikingly stylish.

The motto for the statement ring is: the bigger, the better. The finger rings are allowed to stand out, so that wide models experience a fashion revival. While a combination of several narrow rings looks fine and elegant, statement rings are an expression of our self-confidence and individuality .

They catch the eye, complete our look and are not easily forgotten. This applies in particular to the “candy rings”, which look like oversized sweets on the finger. Made of glass or plastic, they impress with their candy colors and unmistakable shapes. They go perfectly with colorful dresses or colorful swimwear.

If you want to shine with real jewellery, signet rings made of gold or silver are the elegant counterpart to the candy ring. They are also a real eye-catcher, although their colorful splendor is unobtrusive. As a result, they go well with chic evening wear or with an office outfit.

In addition to signet rings, wide finger rings with gemstones are a summer trend. As with the necklaces, turquoise and lapis lazuli are among the tones reminiscent of the sea and summer vacation. If you like it softer, rose quartz with its pastel pink shimmer comes into question.

The trend towards large and eye-catching rings does not only apply to our everyday jewelry. Engagement rings – the symbol of love – can also catch the eye. Classic models with a solitaire are still popular. Instead of a simple ring band, the gemstone now nestles up against braided silver, a tricolor ring or finger jewelery in XXL format.

Creativity is required when it comes to form and material

Wide or particularly large rings made of classic materials such as gold or silver are the noble variant of the ring trend. If you like a natural look, pieces of jewelry made of wood are recommended.

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Whether with filigree decorations or eye-catching engraving – they look equally elegant and trend-conscious. On the other hand, if the statement jewelery is to radiate cool modernity, then shiny plastics and glass have their big place as materials.

Long earrings can stand alone as statement jewelry

The golden hoop earrings are still a classic when it comes to earrings , and they attract attention in every season. An alternative to this are long or abstractly shaped drop earrings with colorful stones .

The Artsy earrings are characterized by the extraordinary way they are processed. They can be narrow and long, wide and short. Any other combination is also allowed. If you don’t want to do without the creole, you can opt for XL models or creoles with pendants. They give them a spring-like or summery touch:

  • flower shapes,
  • delicate mussels,
  • implied leaves or animals,
  • Semi-precious stones in warm colors.

On the other hand, stars or snowflakes can decorate the earrings in the cold season.

Laughing smileys, cute geckos or brightly colored stars – brightly colored tags bring a good mood to our outfits

Whether it’s bracelets, necklaces or earrings – a small or large pendant serves as an eye-catcher in statement jewelry. Not only bright colors are in the foreground. Shapes that spread good vibes are trendy.

These include maritime variants that remind us of our next vacation. Crabs, seahorses and mussels make us think of a day at the sea just as much as starfish or a funny gecko. Striking and strong colors or rhinestones give the pieces of jewelery their statement character.


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