Tungsten wedding rings

Wedding rings made of tungsten – Unusual, massive and modern

Anyone looking for the right engagement or wedding rings is really spoiled for choice. What should the ring look like, simple or more eye-catching in design, which metal looks best or suits the future couple best, and how expensive should the wedding rings be? The question of price also plays an important role in the purchase decision.

Both the good and the bad of offering wedding rings offline and online is the oversized range that is available for just about every metal, be it gold, silver, titanium, platinum, stainless steel or tungsten.

If you have a somewhat unusual taste in fashion and jewelry, you will be less interested in classic wedding rings made of gold or silver . So why shortlist the unusual metal tungsten?

Tungsten – One of the hardest metals

Tungsten is a silver-grey, shiny heavy metal that can be easily deformed. Small amounts of carbon and oxygen in the alloy make tungsten extremely hard and durable. As a result, the metal is also very scratch-resistant and can only be engraved with a laser. Tungsten jewelry has a beautiful sheen and is solid in the hand.

A wedding ring made of tungsten does not scratch that easily and the metal effect makes it look modern and reserved. In addition, tungsten is not one of the most expensive precious metals, so a mid double-digit amount can be enough for a wedding ring set.

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I really like this metal for wedding ring design: it has a cool, modern appeal, can be worn with all everyday looks and is not expensive. The reduced effect is created above all in bicolor and matt finishes.

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